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Karts Wave Introduction to KARTS WAVE

What is Arts Hallyu?

Arts Hallyu (Korean Wave) refers to a surge of international popularity of Korean arts as Korean artists stand out in the realm of pure arts, such as literature, classical music, fine arts, dance, theater, traditional Korean music, etc.
Of the Arts Hallyu, traditional arts play a central role in fostering the growth of Korean arts, and therefore should play a leading role in defining the identity and original artistic aesthetics of Korean culture.

KARTS WAVE, which is the Arts Hallyu project undertaken by School of Korean Traditional Arts at Korea National University of Arts, aims to promote the excellence of Korean traditional arts worldwide n the areas of music, dance, composition, theatricals, and study of arts.
Furthermore, KARTS WAVE operates programs of international exchanges and support for creation and production by Korean traditional artists, and carries out Hallyu culture education projects.
KARTS WAVE intends to serve as an active intermediary for international networking of artists at home and abroad and exchanges of music, paving the way for Korean traditional arts to advance into the world stage.


The expansion of the Hallyu (Korean Wave) of traditional pure arts of Korea, initiated and led by KARTS WAVE, a project of Arts Hallyu, offers opportunities to grow academic and musical exchanges with various cultures around the world and to promote collaboration and exchanges of music with artists at home and abroad.
Through this, Korean traditional artists advance into the global market and unveil a wide spectrum of Korean traditional arts content around the world.
The globalization of Korean traditional arts and international networking allow the people around the world to experience the traditional Korean arts having a five-thousand-year long history, and to share and appreciate the arts as a subject of love.


Programs to be planned and executed by the School of Korean Traditional Arts under Korea National University of Arts include: international exchanges; content research and development; artists incubating; supporting creation/production overseas; management of advancement into overseas; traditional Arts Hallyu culture education; international contest, etc.
Exchanges of people and content, involving various traditions around the world and broad contemporary arts, are promoted to hold performances that succeed the tradition in the present time, to grow the capabilities of creation, and to achieve the development of creative repertoire that covers both the tradition and modernity.