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Karts Wave Creation Incubating


School of Korean Traditional Arts at Korea National University of Arts carries out a creation incubating project to prepare traditional arts-based creators for advancement into world music festivals.
School of Korean Traditional Arts enhances the capability of traditional arts to venture into overseas markets by running such projects as promoting creators' overseas advancement and discovering artists for intensive supports.

Creators go through the following steps to participate in 'Creation Incubating' program.

  • Stage 1

    Audition notice Audition/evaluation

  • Stage 2

    Incubating target group selection Key content selection

  • Stage 3

    Overseas management initiation In linkage with festival director Overseas local agency contract

  • Stage 4

    Advancement into overseas festival market

Art Platform

Traditional arts creators selected in the Creation Incubating program receive systematic support for advancement overseas.
Overseas advancement projects are operated for consecutive five continents, in tandem with creators' content production and intensive support for performances.

The consecutive five-continent advancement plan is as follows.

  • 2021 Europe
  • 2022 Latin
  • 2023 North
  • 2024 Asia
  • 2025 Southwest